How do you stop missing someone? How to make these feelings go away?

I just found out my ex has a new gf. Which I am happy for him. He's a cool guy. Even tho I wish him the best it still saddens me. That he's going to share the "I love you's" he used to give me. Our relationship ended because we lived far away from each other which isn't practical. But still I am happy for him he needs someone to be there for him. But I hate feeling this way. I envy her not in a mean way. Just that she's in a situation where they can actually be together. Any tips on how to move on? Feeling this way just sucks. I also cut contact with him. I think it's best.


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  • Only time can make that happen, for now it is how it is. Focus on yourself and now on your ex, if it really bothers you just block him off FB or whatever so you don't have to look at their pics together etc. Helped me out a lot when my ex broke up with me.

    • Yeah we're not friends on FB. But he messages me saying his misses me & stuff. He didn't even tell me he had a gf. But I'm keeping my distance. I want to move on.

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    • Thanks for giving me MHO, I hope you'll get over him soon :)

    • No problem. You gave me great solid advice. I appreciate it :)

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  • The trick to moving on is moving on.

    Go out and find someone new. There's a reason rebound relationships exist, you have to have somethign to give your attention to other then your previous relationship.

    Hobbies work well too if your still in the "I don't want someone new" phase.

    Mine is V-Games.

    • I don't want a rebound lol I'm not the type. I'll just focus on school & work.
      I also play video games.
      My ex & I would game all the time. So now I have to delete him off on the PSN.

    • Buy a PC? =P

    • Haha I just might have too :) or Xbox :p lol

  • The only cure I know of is time. Sometimes it can take awhile, you have to work your way through it.
    Right now, all you need is to relax yourself and forget about loving someone. Love only you and yourself. There's no highway or shortcuts.

  • just concentrate toforget him


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