Can't stay away from each other?

So me any my guy friend have a huge history. And whenever we try and move on we always end up back in each other's life. We sorta started seeing each other a couple of months ago after giving in that this was more. Anyways fast forward we start arguing badly. He ends it only to message me 4 days after wanting to meet up and discuss what happened, told me he missed me and asked if I had met someone new.

I meet up with him and he tells me he's just scared of getting hurt again and that I'm the first girl in a really long time that he genuinely likes. (Ex cheated on him and he nearly died due to health issues) he's just got his old self back and is worried that he'll loose it. He also said he saw a future with me as well as this going somewhere.

A week goes by he's off I ask him if he still felt the same way, his response was I don't know. We get in another argument and he says sometimes I like you a lot then sometimes I don't. He says we should cut each other off completely as we keep going round in circles. For the first time ever I messaged him, not once have I broken the NC when he's ended things but that day I felt extremely upset.

I gave in and texted him only to find out his friend died that day. We began talking again and he told me he thinks we should stop talking again as he's a sucker for me and this isn't helping. He then told me that he doesn't miss me and how he hardly spend time with me to miss me and that he found it easy not talking to me? Yet despite what he said the other week.

I ended up seeing him out clubbing and his friend later invited me to a house party he was at. I asked if he was alright with me going and he said he was cool with it. I get there and he's fine with me, we both drunkingly ended hooking up. He text me the next day saying he was fuming with himself as last night shouldn't have happened

We plan to speak Tuesday to discuss it but is he hiding his feelings? Guys explain?


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  • I know you asked for guys' opinions but I thought I'd slip mine in too...

    He might or might not like you, but it seems like he knows he can get with you whenever he wants, which makes you less valuable to him.

    WARNING-HARSH: He might think of you as his backup girl...

    Or he might not..

    Think about it. What do you truly think? Be honest with yourself.


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