How to have Exclusive talk with Ex again?

Basically ex broke no contact, seems interested in reconciling things, said she missed me [albeit "miss fighting with you"], lots of emoji's, future talk and things that would imply we'll be together in coming months, etc. We've spent a lot of time together, none yet in person. But have plans for this week.

Basically its moving slower than I would have thought, but this is the first time I've ever had an Ex act still interested[granted she was the aggressor in what lead to the end of the relationship], usually as was this case I get broken up with, heated words exchanged and gone for good.

My question is how do you have that talk :/ I kind of hinted at well if we aren't together or working towards it I don't wanna be talking, and it was met with "thats why I'm talking to you"

I think its heading that way, but I'm just not sure how to approach it without seeming forceful or overly aggressive, but that its a smooth transition back into it being 100% without a doubt exclusive.

Thanks for any help :) appreciate it
*the spending time has been mostly texting, hours on Skype, and calling.


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  • Hello Hunnie,

    I'm really not all for the re kindling old romances and all my break up advice usually suggests to stay clear but as the past doesn't sound as the bridge was burnt as bad as it could of done then why not.
    Please keep in mind though - things did not work the first time between the two of you for a reason

    I think your both spending a lot of time using the advantages of the gadgets and social media we have today like me and everyone else we loose track of time and take the long root around actually being physically in-front of one another.

    My best advice for your current situation is forget what she's thinking
    Think about what you want!
    Do you want her? Do you want a relationship right now? was your relationship good the first time round? are you both going to make it work this time on your part?
    Once you have answered all these questions for yourself then meet her asap and go into the situation knowing full well what you want and need.
    Its up to her weather she's as prepared as you
    and if she's not...
    do you really want to be with an ex who dumped you who hasn't thought things through?

    Good luck



    • I mean I love her a LOT, she gets angry and kept asking for it asking for it asking for it... Then I think not thinking I'd say ok, I unhooked from social media, got a few of my items back, and went NC...

      I guess I'm worried I still really care, and now I'm in that grey zone where I can get hurt even worse, because there is no exclusivity though. And like you said worried she hasn't thought things through but would rather see me around until such a decision is made :/

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    • You need to sit back and tell her that if anything is going to start building into anything again we need to start exclusively dating. That means no other guys etc ect. Then see how it goes from there. You have to keep the communication open with her. If the communication gets shut down you both will not get through this. Break ups usually happen because no one understands where the other person is coming from. Once you go on some dates you need to look at her as a new girl not your ex your trying to build something new with. She also needs to do the same. You need to voice this

    • Yeah I've already started doing that, lots of reading trying to reflect on how I messed up on my part [and its easy to think she's awful reading this stuff or whatever but I do my share :) ] I guess I can only control myself and I'm trying to put that relationship in the past, and start fresh and make some changes.

      Thank you again!

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  • FIrst off dude I know you care about your Ex but seriously she broke it off with you man. So all you should be doing when she contacts you is to assume she wants to be with you and you need to create a fun filled romantic opportunity for sex to happen which is other wise know as a date. So invite her over to your place and you two make dinner together. Hangout, have fun and hookup and don't worry about the exclusive talk. You let her bring that up when she wants to be exclusive because all you should be worried about is your purpose in life and hanging out, having fun and hooking up. Also I know you really dig this girl but don't be afraid to keep your options open, because your a freaking catch dude and its her fucking loss if she decided to end it with you, so your either going to get her back or find someone better either way you win, so be charming and keep the door open but move on with your life and don't call her or text her and when she does contact you setup a date to hang out have fun and hook up. Keep it simple and do what you want to do to and everything will flow naturally. For more great tips on relationships check out coach Corey Wayne just google him and read his free ebook on relationships its seriously changed my life regarding relationships. Get Buck because life's a garden so dig it!


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  • Are you physically seeing each other?

    • Yeah this week, probably at least twice.

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    • I would slow it down a bit, then... like after a month of "dating" again.

    • Ok, I was leaning towards it, I guess keeping her happy through this point will yield much better results than trying to have my own piece of mind at ease, granted she is the one who asked to break up and came back within a few days [this has all happened in the last two days by the way lol] really it was together, fight, grant her request to break up, NC, talking this way.

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