I need to move on but I don't want to and I don't know how?

Long story short... Im still incredibly hopeful that my ex will realize what a terrible mistake he made for breaking up with me and want to try our relationship again... I know its prob unrealistic but I can't help how I feel.

Its been several weeks since our breakup and Im really torn. I want to still be with him so I find myself obsessing over him constantly and its getting in the way of my life pretty much and I hate that. I dont want to move on from him, i want to be with him.

Please either give me tough love or tell me how you moved on in a situation like this. If ever we find that our timing is right I'll be so happy but I can't just put my life on hold until then so I feel like moving on is the best thing for me but I dont know where to begin :(


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  • you need to accept that he broke up with you, and for a reason that he most likely finds justifiable, and move on. its only been several weeks so you're still going to feel like shit, but you gotta keep pushing through the pain if you want to make it. think of it this way, he broke up with you, your desire to get back with him only shows how weak you truly are. begin moving on by simply just recollecting your thoughts, self-reflect on yourself and your life, and take it day by day. don't try to do it all at once. work at your own pace. and realize that its not over for you.


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