Friends with benefits deletes me on Facebook? hurt, angry, and confused?

I started a quasi-fwb relationship with this one guy. We never truly defined what our relationship was. The first couple of times it was always about sex. Then the last couple of times, we started to hang out without sex involved and it was quite enjoyable. I started to like him, and he gave me signs that he liked me too; however, he was really shy and doesn't know how to initiate.
A week after a rather romantic "date," i ask him to hang out again, but he was too busy. I text him just asking how he was - no response. Then a couple days later, he deletes me on facebook!
I don't understand. why would he do that? I want to talk to him again, but i don't know how to reach out. i do want some closure at least. I just don't get it. Things seemed to go well, and then he just cuts me out of his life.


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  • Just went through a similar situation with my friends with benefits of 4 years he just stopped calling and contacting me. Then I started hearing that he was seeing someone exclusively. Then I started seeing pictures of them together going places and they recently just took a trip together on FB. I wanted closure reached out to him and he responded. His response was very mean and very cold. One minute we cool, spending time flirting with each other, the next he is cold in a relationship. It sounds like thats whats going on with your FWB. Though im glad I got closure, sometimes I wish I had not contacted him and just left it at that. He never saw us as being more and never wanted a relationship with me. We never defined things or talked about where it would go or expectations if any and thats where the problem came in. He told me he liked me as as a friend and wanted to remain friends but I really don't see the point after all this time. They feel like since you are not officially together that they don't owe you an explanation. They find it easier to do it that way instead of being straight up and honest.

    • No matter what the relationship is, no one deserves to be mistreated or disrespected. You have a right to be hurt angry and confused because you are human. I know how you feel because the guy I was seeing, we have the same circle of friends, so every time something is going on, I know he will be there and so will his girlfriend I find myself not going around as much. Its not easy but I am slowly getting over the hurt and accepting the fact that it just wasn't meant to be. You will get there too. One day at a time!!!

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  • Sounds like he's got himself a girlfriend and is terrified about her finding out that you guys were hooking up.

    • True, but he didn't seem like the type. Too shy and awkward.

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  • why you hurt, angry and confused?
    you thought he respected you or something?

    dont put yourself in situations like this and then complain when he desrespects you

  • Wow that hurts like hell! Ignore him totally if he ever contacts you again!! You need to teach him a lesson and get over him.

    • I know I should do that, but it's so hard. I want to talk to him again and ask why because literally everything was going fine. I don't know if reaching out to him is a bad idea or if he will just ignore me all over again :(

    • I know. Sooner or later you will know why he did that. But teaching him a lesson is a must.

    • True. I just really talk to him again. I see him around and it hurts so much.

  • friends with benefits never turns into
    a relationship. He didn't want a relationship with you.


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