Does he still like me or no?

ok my boyfriend broke up with me like 3 weeks ago :( but a couple days ago I was at a kwick trip and he saw me. so I quickly turned around to avoid him so I went to the next aisle. but he followed me and wen I look over at him he was smiling at me. for the past 2 to 3 weeks he's been smiling at me everytime he sees me and calls me by my nickname everyone just gave me. anyways he started talking and I made him laugh a couple of times. I noticed he looked at me and smiled a lot so I don't know if he still likes me since yeah. all I can so right now is that he's been smiling at me everytime he sees me and tht he's been looking at me a lot. soo does that mean anything or nah?


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  • Perhaps he still has something in there for you, but there are other factors preventing him from going back out with you. For example he might be confused about another girl, or doesn't feel ready, or maybe he doesn't feel good enough for you, it could be anything. Making an effort to speak to him, like texting him or messaging him might help him to think a bit more, but smiling at you and looking at you a lot are good signs that he feels positively about you. Think about his personality too - make sure he's not just stringing you along! Good luck


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