Can you help me win back the mother of my child?

My girlfriend left me after 3 and a half years. She says I was controlling and didn't seem to care anymore. She had a little boy when we met and we have together an 18 month old girl. Her and I are young, I'm 23 and she's 22. 5 days after our break up and her kicking me out of the house, she sleeps with one of my best friends whom I always though she hung out with too much. At first it seemed like she felt bad about it. Now she's slept with him multiple times. I feel like she is acting out of character. She seems to be doing things to hurt me or get a rise out of me. I really fear she is bottling all her emotions up and she's not thinking clearly. She keeps asking me to give he space and I haven't been good about that. I last asked her to let me in to hear inner thoughts. She doesn't seem to want to open up to me. How can I get to open up to me again and give me another chance?


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  • First of all her sleeping with your best friend is really low. And your like 23 there are a lot of girls out there who would never sleep with one of ur best friends. Do you want to get her back because you have strong feelings for her or because she is the mother of your child and it seems a right thing to do. If u actually have strong feeling for her and want to get her back show her that ur the best dad for ur child spend lots of time with ur child and in the mean while u will be close to her and then just tell her how u feel


What Guys Said 1

  • Start making lots of money and sue for custody of the child. It will not make friends with her (something I don't think you can do, see reasoning in next paragraph), but it will help you get access to your daughter AND it will show her that whether she likes it or not, you will forever be the father of her child and she must either get along with you, or share her daughter with you. Being bitchy and sleeping with your friend and doing things to "shoo you away" are not going to help her situation.

    Now, my reasoning that I think you won't be able to make friends with her is pretty simple: I strongly suspect she is mentally ill. Not joking mentally ill, but as in psychiatrist thinks so too kind of mentally ill. As in, needs meds. The end. There is no fixing crazy.


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