Am I Giving Myself False Hope?

Okay, so my boyfriend and i had been dating for 8 months prior to our breakup. He was always loving, kind and we spent a lot of time together, but i always gave him his weekends with his friends and was never overly clingy. One week ago I recieved a message from him asking 'what are we, what do you want from us'. he then told me that he doesn't think he is ready for a relationship. Two days later i went and spoke to him in person. He told me that before we got together, he was in a 2 year relationship with his ex and he just needs time to be by himself and focus on his career. We ended up breaking up that night. Three days later he messaged me asking how i am and if im okay. I told him the truth, i wasn't coping and i wasn't ok. He then told me he still wants me in his life and wants to help me through it, just at a level that isn't so intense. Basically just friends, I told him i couldnt do that, im still deeply in love with him and cannot stand to see him with someone else. Were still on Facebook and he still continues to like my statuses.

I am deeply in love with him and i can't stand not being with him. I want him back in my life but im not sure if it will ever happen. Am i giving myself false hope or do i maybe have a chance?


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  • It's impossible to tell because there are so many variables involved.
    I would say if it didn't work out more than likely one should move on, but do what you think is right, and if it ends badly at least you got life experience out of it.


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  • i guess your giving yourself false hope if you don't feel there Is much realistic chance of being in a relationship with this guy

  • 'what are we, what do you want from us? what your answer to that?


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