How do I make my relationship work?

My boyfriend and I broke up on Saturday. We have been living together for a while and everything was nice. Our sex life was fun, he was taken care, we would hold each other and say kind things. Of course we had arguments, but we always seemed to work it out and in the end we promised to be better.
But in late August, My EX asked if his friends from out of state could move in for a week with us. This was fine in my opinion, I felt he needed to go out with the guys and be with them and have fun. But it is October only one of his friends has moved out and the other has stayed. He started growing more weary of me and spent the majority of his time with his friend. He picks him up from work, they go to places together, They sit when I'm there and speak Russian in front of me, knowing I don't understand.
So Saturday I blew up, He didn't want to hear my crying and at the end of the conversation he said I wasn't the one for him and we should break up. I agreed. I haven't talked to him since, I am planning on moving out on November 22nd. But now I feel trapped and I know I want this relationship to work. I am just not sure if what he said, he meant.
Or did he take me for granted. Guys please, your advice!


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  • Yes, i wouldn't do that to my girl if we were living together. I don't know the size of your place and if they were chipping in on rent or something or where they just freeloading in the living room but over a month is way to long for a dude to let another dude stay at his place with his girl, especially if you don't have a spare bedroom. Plus not speaking a language that you can understand even while you are present is rude. Also did i hear that it was two of them in there with you two. I can see him saying hey one of my friends is moving over hear can he stay for like a couple of weeks until he can find a place.


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