Best way to get over someone you were dating?

I dated this guy for almost 5 months now. One week he'll be really into me and texting/snapcatting me then the next I won't hear from him or he won't text me back. I'm heartbroken about the situation since he kind of lead me on. How is the best way to get over someone?


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  • The first thing to do is find out whether he is really not into you or something is wrong with him. He could be having problems at home/ work. If he is really that bad then his loss.
    The best way to forget about people is to remove every bit of them that reminds you of them. He's been with you for five months so there can't be too many things. Just make sure you avoid seeing his pictures, don't look at his social profiles, don't start a convo that leads up to him. Also keep yourself engaged in activities and friends so that your mind isn't free to be depressed. :)

  • Understandable but start looking around and find someone else. From the way it sounds he's not worth wasting anymore time on.


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