After breakup, Is he Jealous?

We broke up 2 days ago he dumped me over texts bc of the pressure of his bros... and I don't know he says he's over me but his bro friends say he still likes me but I don't know who to believe... anyway the day after break up I spent time with this guy who my ex was jealous of bc my guy friend likes me and we had a big fight over this but i thought guess it doesn't matter anymore since my ex doesn't like me or wants anything to do with me... but when he saw us sitting in a hammock coming back from the gym he kept staring and would look and also when we went to a bench he kinda looked... but I don't know if he thinks I don't like him even though I got his bro friends to say how I felt and I liked him... or if he was jealous


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  • Kind of hard to do, but don't let it matter if he's jealous, still likes u, misses u, or any of that other stuff. This guy couldn't even grow the balls to CALL you and break up, he had to do it via text, which is the worst, and for the dumbest reason. Peer pressure? Really? I wouldn't give that jerk the time of day. You're already too good for him.


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