Why are so many couples getting divorced now a days? And why is cheating so prevalent and accepted in society, It just seems to be the norm?

Cheating ex wife:Why are so many couples getting divorced now a days? And why is cheating so prevalent and accepted in society, It just seems to be the norm.


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  • Our society went through what sociologists call the Sexual Revolution. Think back to the past and way things are now, sexuality is a lot more accepted and people are a lot more promiscuous than they used to be. In the past, if a man wanted to cheat, who would he have sex with? Most women waited till marriage to have sex, so his options were very limited and it was probably barely even a possibility to cheat back then. Nowadays, men and women are much more sexually active and there's a lot less stigma behind sex than there used to be. Sex is everywhere and it's quite easy for most to come by. I wouldn't say that it's accepted in today's society, but it's definitely more prevalent because sex is a lot more available, therefore creating much more temptations in one's life and making it harder to resist.


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  • I think it is because of the secularisation (religion loosing power) also causing people to take lighter on the wedding wows. It's no longer a divine ceremony to many, it's simply a legal document that can be broken
    So in effect there's less holding them back from breaking up.
    This can be good, because while breakup rates go significantly up, it also makes it easier for people in toxic relationships to get out and just leave. Nobody will judge them anymore.

    As for so many cheat; same reason contributes; no divine power watching over them. Furthermore society is more focused towards instantgratification, so people might be more prone to just cheat than to fix their relationship like you more often did before. Furthermore the presense of protection have reduced the chance of an accidental child to almost zero, so people are less likely to be caught that way.

    Just some contributing factors.


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  • There are so many divorces because there's such thing as a legal document to be free'd when things get tough so as us humans we take the easy root out. And cheating because people give in to boredom. Its sad but because its so widespread in media and seen everyday its become the norm. And when things are perceived as normal people will do it.


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  • Once upon a time, you needed a reason for a divorce. Just saying "I don't want this marriage to work, but I'd like to take most of my partner's assets" really wasn't enough reason. A woman couldn't do that, and often she needed continued financial support from her husband.
    So they stayed together, but she just turned off all the sex and physical affection for the next 40 or 50 years.

    Most women do get bored with even the best of men, and fall out of love by about 4 years. Now they have financial options, with easy divorce. I asked myself recently "Do I actually know any man who walked out on a marriage, and wasn't prepared to make it work?". The answer was "No". Just think about that, and ask yourself the same question.

    I doubt that people are cheating much more or less than they ever did. Women who cheat in marriage typically begin after 5 years (they "fell out of love" at 3 or 4 years). About 1 in 3 women will cheat. Men who cheat in marriage typically begin to cheat after 10 years (remember, they didn't get any sex or affection after 4 years, and their wife might be fucking someone else). Nearly 50% of men will cheat at least once during marriage, but not as often as the women who cheat.

    The crux of the problem is explained well in this link www.macleans.ca/culture/books/the-two-year-itch/
    While most men can stay physically attracted to the same woman for 20 or 40 years, most women have a limit of about 4 years for being attracted to the same man. There's no fixing it, because it's instinctive and caused by body chemicals.

    • I know men who are having sex with their wives for 15 years but are visiting prostitutes for either sex or handjob because either the seX is boring or they need variety, so if you add in prostitution, the number of men cheating is greater than the women that are having affairs.

  • Many many reasons. Starting with, people who should never have gotten married are together. And they are ticking time bombs, because they disagree on fundamental issues and they don't even know it, because they married too soon/before they got to know the person

  • This is a very VERY broad topic with many MANY answers... Im of the younger generation. Message me and I can maybe clarify Why.


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