How do you just give up?

My boyfriend keeps making excuses, picking fights, and an overall ass, then he takes off and comes home at 3 am or so. I realize that its shenanigans, i realize enough is enough, but how do you cut someone off because they're no longer good for you? I have a really hard time because it just hurts my feelings. I wannt to love him forever even though I know i have to let him go.


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  • what you need to do is to get rid of your emotional connection that isn't there (you believe it's there and you hope he gets the way you wanted) and start thinking about why you shouldn't be with him.

    then you keep those things in mind till you believe that your choice is the right one. love can also be controlled in your brain (if it's strong you can't put it down). if the person you loved doesn't appear in him anymore you should realize that this is not the person you love. tell him he has changed and get some space


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  • Just think about it really, he treats you like absolute shit (sorry kinda stating what i think) he does whatever he feels like and then comes back later on not even caring if you're worrying about him or you worrying about where he is. yeah i understand what you mean about it being hard but you've gotta let him know how he's making you feel, it doesn't really sound like a healthy relationship cause you seem to be getting all the crap, if he really does love you and you say to him this might now work, he'll disagree with you and try to win you over... I don't know its really hard situation :/


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  • You have to take that leap that you don't want to take. As NIKE says, Just Do It.

  • You tell him your moving out or he's moving out and sleep apart in the mean time


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