How do I get my Ex Boyfriend back after?

I told him I snooped through his stuff. I didn't mean it I let my own past insecurities and failed relationship cloud my judgement. I told him that I could not trust him because of my own trust issues.

I feel what I did was bad but at the same time its forgivable. He told me he still wants to be friends and that he loves me. We broke up "officially" last night. We had be fighting a lot the past two weeks. It was just getting worst and worst so I told him we should see other people. Then took it back the next day.

3 days of no contact he finally calls me and tell me he thinks we should see other people because I dont trust him when he thought I did.


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  • I honestly think you should not be involved with anyone right now. Focus on yourself. Enjoy your life. Discover yourself. Cure yourself.
    You are in a dead circle. Results will be same and same again if you don't change this routine.
    You need to learn to trust them. Yeah people can hurt and disappoint you but not all of them. Beside, we are human we can make mistakes.

    Enjoy yourself at the moment. He even accepted, he didn't say no right? So leave it like that. He will reach you if he wants.


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  • Simple answer; you don't.
    He have made his choice and if you genuinely love him, you should let him go. Anything else just shows that you only care about how YOU feel.
    It's harsh, but it's the truth. I'm sorry it's not realistically possible for you to get him back.


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