Confusing post breakup antics... need some advice please?

Okay so my ex broke up with me about 5 weeks ago and we've been on no contact since. Prior to this we were together about 7 months and began dating a little more over a year. Our breakup was impulsive on her part but we were on a break prior to the breakup. Honestly speaking I do want a relationship with her again because we really were great together but too many personal problems in my family life and her being overwhelmed with school and work caused her to reach a "breaking point". She blocked me on Instagram and snapchat because I believe she tried to help herself and I move on. Although she kept photos of our adventures and such on her instagram I felt like she still wanted a connection. A couple of days ago I went out with her sister, sisters bf and his friends to a haunted horror night and brought a date. I'm friends with her sister and feel like why cut contact with some cool people. She found out I brought a date and finally deleted our pictures the next night. Her sister told me she was quite interested with me bringing a "friend" and that she hasn't been dating anyone since the breakup. I do want to reach out to her to maybe bury any bad blood because she does have issues she needs to work out and maybe I can at least salvage a friendship. But if reconciliation is a possibility I want to make the right steps in order to find out if we truly were meant to be. I've been dating this new woman for about a week but have known her for about 2 months. Even so any insight on the subject matter would be much appreciated.


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  • If you want to contact out her let her know where you stand. Maybe she would like to be friends too. It sounds like she is still interested in you so be gentle with her. She might have a hard trying being friends because she still likes you.


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