OK maybe im mentally challenge but I got this email from my x and it pretty much says " don't want u in my life" and he says THATS NOT WHAT IT MEANS?

You say a lot about how much you care but I don’t see any of it. I really wanted to check out your car and felt like you wanted me in your life. I went away and as usually I lose contact with everyone in that time. It would have been nice to hear from you while I was out there all alone working really hard in a dangerous place. May call it selfish but its nice to know someone cares. When I get back I try to contact you and nothing I was really sad. I don’t know if it’s right to keep you in my life even if its just friends. I felt like in a way you needed me and I wanted to be there for you. I want you to be happy but when it gets rubbed in my face from your family it hurts. I listen to you say you care about me and when you don't respond but have time to go out with other dudes it makes me think that you have long forgotten about me. I don’t know if its right to just be together I thought we tried that after everything and it wasn’t working. There may have been some other things that were going on that you mentioned that wasn’t helping that. How can we even think about it when I don’t hear from you or you don’t even want to see me? I care about you and want you to do great things. I don’t want to show you my mixed feelings about everything. I don’t want to drag you on having to think about what I’m thinking. I really don’t know where I’m at or what I feel. I know I just want to be happy and enjoy life. I don’t know if this makes any sense but let me know if you have any questions


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  • it seems like it led to a breakup but he did not actually break anything off. he said it seemed like it. okay I don't know I used the term break up but you get my point lol

    • u lost me lol

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    • thanks! haha

    • ok basically he said he feels as if its just not working BUUUT he never confirmed that its not working and he wanted to stop with you, ya know?

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  • What mental challenge do you have?

    • I say.. he doesn't want to remain friends... his initial proposal, gets mad at me for dating now and sends me an email like that after I responded to his anger of me being with someone I told him I loved him and I didn't want him upset but people do move on and that's his email to me.. he says it doesn't mean that!

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