Why do I keep rehearsing talks that I will have with my ex?

I am not sure if this is just my way of dealing with it or not. The history is that my ex Girlfriend age 46, breaks up, gives me the childish silent treatment,,,, then contacts me in total turmoil over something in her life (money, ex husband, sick dogs, etc... ) then I stupidly take her back. I find myself practicing what I will say. Even talking out loud in my car like I am talking to her. The "speech" is how her behavior is unacceptable, she has fallen out of love and I am done.

HAs anyone else done this crazy practice of what you will say when your ex contacts you?


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  • Wait, you said you took her back... so are you guys back together now?

    It may not be totally normal, but it's something I've done before. I'll "prepare" myself for confrontations and fights by basically having them with myself aloud, usually at home alone, haha! I think this is something I do because I like to be clear and understood, and because when I am confronted, I have a tendency to shut down and want to withdraw. Practicing beforehand helps me sometimes.

    • no we are not back together.. today is day 10 with no contact.. I have moved on... dating again has helped tremendously. I am not obsessing over her.

    • Oh good, I'm glad to hear you've moved on and are dating elsewhere... that's great!

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