No contact, yes or no?

Just wondering a few things about a mans mind in a break up when its his fault, and he does love you. What process does a mans mind go through? Does no contact work? What are you guys thinking with no contact?


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  • I don't have any "faults" in my breakups but I've done no contact with all of my eyes. The first one was a cheat. The second one just drifted off to college, and the third was agreed pretty mutually and I initiated. There was a very short term one in between the 2nd and 3rd but it was so short.

    Anyways, it allowed me to clear my head of things and totally move on and not get tied down having to talk with people I don't have anymore interest with. It's a very positive thing. Plus I don't like the idea of new dates hearing "I'm gonna go meet up with my ex." It's just not right and sends a horrible message.


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  • No contact in many relationships = the guy is clueless as to what to say/do next
    and of the stupid ideas his friends offer up, none seem "right", so these are stiff armed while he drinks awaiting The Great Idea to come sit in his lap... which usually is in the form of a lady that further distracts him

  • Well when a man is the dumpee (me at least) you figure that the person doesn't want you in their lives so you respect that and don't contact (also helps to get over your feelings ultimately). If she's testing your feelings by breaking up with you, then she's immature and I would still go no contact, no matter what.

    If the breakup is mutual then going no contact is smart so the both of you have time to think or get over each other or else you'll never fully move on.

    If I dumped the girl, I wouldn't reach out to her but I would offer support out of compassion for hurting her, so no contact wouldn't be initiated by me.


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