What should I do? What is he thinking?

So me and my ex boyfriend were going out for 3 years, everything was going great until he came back from college, he started canceling dates and being distant. I asked him so many times is there anything you want to talk about, tell me what's wrong and he would say to me everything us fine, of course I didn't believe that, this went on for a month, then he broke up with me. When we talked he blamed me for everything was mad at me gave up on us and he says the opposite of me, then 2 weeks after break up he starts seeing this girl , then a couple weekss later they are dating. I have been doing no contact for about a month, I miss him but I'm scared to talk to him bc of the new girl and I don't want to get yelled or ignored at. I want to tell him how I feel but I just cant, he was always the one that loved me more he wanted to marry and have kids with me he said I was his soulmate then all the sudden he leaves,2 days before he breaks up with me we had a talk and he said he loved me and was normal then he calls and breaks up with me over the phone bc he can't see me? I don't know I'm confused how he could just leave not even tell me what's wrong just leaves what is he doing? Is he confused scared over me hate me? Should I talk to him or move on? Is he really over me that fast is he hiding?


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  • 1) possible he has been dating on the sly, maybe this gal but I'm thinking otherwise.. he has been dating fast gals and you're not classified as this
    2) he gets mad when his ulterior motives are almost spotlighted = he wants a fast (sex) GF and thinks more highly of you for this purpose, so go away until another day while he sleeps his heart away... someday he'll reconsider you

    Yes, you could be a fast gal but then you would be dismissed when he shops fro another sample to try out.
    You are now in shopping mode for a replacement but could also same time play the waiting game on this guy... I guess.

    • OK so your saying this other girl is there bc she is easy and I'm not? Is she a rebound?, so right now he's just shopping and doesn't want to settle down yet, when he does could he come back?

    • When? Some (gals/guys) stray just long enough to scratch that itch, to insure they are not settling for someone, that no more shopping will produce a better deal... and take a short time "out there". Others get caught up in this lifestyle, new gals like new cars when they tire of them and never come back OR they find The One to live happily ever after. This is nothing to predict, so nothing to wait for - get shopping yourself for his replacement as a) it will take your focus off him and allow time to pass w/less pain & b) gives him a reason to short his shopping short or he might lose you (if that matters), c) allows you to compare other guys and their behavior to his, d) you just might find a much better deal and turn pain into pleasure

    • Thank you this has been helpful

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