Why did he break things off with me?

I started dating this guy 3 months ago. A couple weeks after we started dating one of his friends told me he always talked about me and that he liked me a lot and was afraid of messing things up with me. Then 3 weeks ago I went to a party with him and his friends. When he left the room his friends kept telling me how he thought I was too good for him and how he talks about me constantly.
We got drunk that night and kissed a lot and I remember hugging him and telling him how cute he I thought he was and how I really liked him. He kept kissing my forehead and being really sweet, making sure I was okay. We went to sleep and when I woke up we were spooning, which we've never done before. We had actually only kissed once before this party. So I felt like we were a lot closer after that night. On the way home he told me I was adorable a couple times and every time he looked at me it was like he really meant it. He was being so sweet. Then he mentioned a couple things he wanted us to go do together soon and he told me he was planning to get me something really nice for my birthday which is coming up.

For the next 3 days everything was fine. He still texted me everyday like normal and then it started to change. He quit talking to me. It was like he didn't want to see me at all. I figured he was just stressed cause he works 2 jobs and goes to school, but I kept seeing things on facebook, instagram, etc showing him partying and drinking a lot. For the past 3 weeks I've been trying to get him to meet with me and tell me what's going on. At the same time I have been giving him space though.
Anyway, I finally told him I needed answers and he came by my house and we talked. At first he just apologized for being too busy to talk. Then I told him I wanted the real reason and he said "I'm just not really into the whole dating thing right now." I was speechless. He had been telling all his friends about me, pursuing me, and everything seemed fine.

What happened?


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  • Ooooooh, friend-zoned.. yea... that usually stings. you are better off getting your mind off it hon... he did clearly state "i'm not just into the whole dating thing now"
    guy translation:
    "Im still weighing my options but I'm DTF or mess around"
    (a little crass but true)
    you are friends with benefits

    • I don't think it was that he was wanting to mess around cause it took him 9 dates before he even kissed me. He really wanted to get to know me. And I know he wasn't just saying it because we have a pretty close mutual friend and she told me he constantly talked about me and how much he liked me and wanted o do everything he could to keep me. And even how jealous he got when one of his friends hit on me. About a week before the last time I saw him we agreed that we wanted this dating to actually go somewhere because we liked each other so much.
      He just stopped trying to talk to me and kept disappearing. I just didn't understand what happened.

    • maybe he's busy, maybe he's considering other girls... could be anything.
      i just find it a little weird that he says he doesn't want to date.. after 9 dates..

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