I can't seem to get my grove going again, is it bad that I am not dating?

So I broke up with my first serious relationship about half a year ago. I definitely have felt like I am over it and have been for the past month or so... however now I am now like "How do I date again?" I guess I just need some tips and pointers how to get over this hump.


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  • I've been through a similar situation. It's been a little over a year for me and I am still kinda struggling. I thought I was fine after about 3 months but anytime I got close I would freeze up cuz I know I've built a wall. Anyways, I think it just takes time and getting back on the horse and falling off until you get back into a flow again. I know I have seen improvement for myself but have made lots of mistakes during this past year. Just go out, meet new people, if you find someone you find interesting then just make a point to try get to know them (as a friend). One of the mistakes I made was trying too hard to get myself back into relationship mode... people can tell... which weirds them out. It can be hard not to do, but like I've been told a thousand times and I am sure you've been told... focus on your goals in life (don't just pretend) and just be a nice person to everyone you meet. Go do what YOU want to do and be nice to people and eventually you will just click with someone. It's not bad that you're not dating, even though I know it feels like it (at least for me it does) but you need to just go do you and be nice to everyone you meet. They'll come along.

    • Thanks, that is exactly what I needed to hear and what I was thinking. It is weird I was going out with this girl who I thought was awesome a month ago, but I decided to end things with her because it felt like things where heading the relationship route! (which for some reason my brain was like "Hey we just had one of those end badly for us! Don't go diving into another one!") Ha ha, well I'll just keep doing awesome fun me things! Thanks.

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  • I broke up two years ago wasn't seriouse but i can't be with anyone after her , maybe because i let get so close to me and now i feel alone, dont give up


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