Is it weird that I still wear the ring he gave me?

My ex an i broke up a little over a month ago, and i still wear the infinity ring he got me. I feel really weird not wearing it as i have been wearing it for over a year, and it's practically left an infinity sign on my finger. I really like the ring as i had wanted one for ages and he was nice enough to get one for me. He has given me other jewellery that i have taken off (diamond daisy necklace and earrings). Is it weird that i can't bring myself to go even a day without wearing the ring?


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  • Yes, try to forget. I know it's hard but taking that ring off is the first step towards moving on. Good luck

    • i have moved on though, i'm over him..

    • Then replace it with another ring, it will bother you later. You need to get rid of that ring. Later you'll meet a new guy and that ring will remind you from your ex and you'll start comparing him to your ex... So at least replace it another ring or just take it off and get don't with it.

    • i don't have any others that i like. and its imprinted in my skin

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  • I think if it's keeping you attached to the relationship then yea... you need to take it off. But if you honestly just like it cuz it's cool, then I'd keep wearing it. In my last relationship I got rid of the jewelry he gave me (cuz I'm not big on jewelry) but kept a couple shirts he gave me because who doesn't need comfy shirts? Yea I think of him when I put them on, but it doesn't hurt... if that makes sense. If it feels like it's holding you back from future relationships then I'd get rid of it. OR at least hid it away somewhere so you don't actually get rid of it but also so you don't have to be thinking about him all day.

    • yeah i don't want to get rid of it as i have done before with a necklace another ex gave me, i melted it, but it was cheap like $2, but this stuff is all up worth about $350-$400, and i love them all i think they look really cute, but the necklace and earrings remind me of bad moments in the relationships, where as the ring was from like the 4th day we hung out so it was a time when things were good... I guess i just want to hold on to the happy feeling

    • If it's holding u back. Get rid if of it. U can buy a ton of infinity rings by selling everything. plus u'll meet another guy down the road who will give u better stuff. (Even tho that's not the purpose of getting into a relationship)

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