Guys, what would you say to a female friend who's arguing with her ex boyfriend?

What would you say to a female friend of yours if she told you she has to cancel a time together because she was fighting with an ex boyfriend of hers? I also mean she is still interested in talking, just reschedule to the next day or as soon as your schedules work. Would you comment that you are concerned about her, or just say "ok, we can talk tomorrow or Friday" something like that?
Anyone care to reply? I posted it at the wrong time (in the middle of the night) though. Also, the female friend in question is one who you see as a friend, not someone you plan to hook up with. Thanks.


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  • If she's just a friend, I'm not sure why you're concerned with saying the right or wrong things.
    She's your friend, be there for her. If you're worried about her because of the fight, say so. And if you're wanting to make new plans, make them.


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  • I wouldn't get involved lol


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