What did you do to get over your first break up?

I'm going through a break up, with my first boyfriend ever. We had good times, tough times and everything in between.

I feel empty, depressed, sad and lonely.. maybe you have some advice.


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  • It was 5 year relationship... amazing friends and xbox saved me lol

    exercise, eat right (both proven by science to increase good mood), make new friends, find internet forums related to hobbies anything to get your mind off it.

    And also try dating sites and look for friends/possible new people (even if you aren't feeling like jumping back in, let the person know that you just got out of a relationship and you'd like to take it slow and just hang)

    Trust me you'll be fine.


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  • If I were you I would take my time. Don't be afraid to cry with a big bucket of ice cream and a huge spoon. Break up are really hard especially if you broke up with someone who you really loved. But with time it all gets better. And when you feel you are ready to look for another guy, pic yourself up and do just that. But take the good you have learned from this break up into it and try as much as possible to avoid the bad!! <3


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