Should I take the "break up" personal or not?

I've been talking to a girl for about a week. She said that it's nothing personal, but that she wants to be single for awhile. That it hasn't been that long (5-6 months) since her last real relationship and that she's just not ready yet. She said she needed time to herself and adjust to the single life a bit longer and again asked for me to not take it personal. She said that she'd still loved to be friends. We started talking to one another when I started working in the same place she's working. We were both hesitant about seeing each other because of us working together. And when I get trained in her area, she will most likely be the one that will be training me. After she said that she'd still loved to be friends, she also said that she would love to still be the one to train me. She then went on to say that it won't be awkward because we never actually dated and that we're friends. Then said that she'd hope I know where she's coming from.

Now, in that week that we talked, we never had sex, but I did sleep with her (literally sleeping) twice. The second time was Monday night/Tuesday morning. She told me today (Wednesday), at around noon (first time talking to her since I left for work after waking up Tuesday morning) that she wanted to stop seeing each other and be friends. I asked her if she'd be willing to give it another go once she feels that she's ready. She said, "Yes, maybe when I'm ready we can try again, but that she probably won't be ready for a long while."

She did say it was nothing personal, but I am having a hard time believing that it's nothing personal. On top of that, I definitely think it will be a bit awkward

Oh, and in the past week... out of all of our co-workers and friends that new that we were talking (only a select few since we didn't want our managers finding out) they knew because she was the one that told them. I didn't tell a single person that we were talking.

Do you think I should take it personally or not?
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And is it just me or is her saying that she just needs to adjust to the single life a bit longer and for me not to take it personally just a rephrasing of, "it's not you, it's me".


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  • Depending on how her last relationship ended and for how long they were together
    don't take it personally, sometimes we do need to take times out and remember who we are and what we like.
    after being in a relationship myself for 5 years (on and off) I do need time myself to be find me and do the things I want and make myself happy before I can let anyone in, love them and be someone's girlfriend. (and that was over a year ago)
    but she said straight out that she would try when she is ready.. Most girls don't say that unless they do actually want to

    • Right, but I can't help but think that she's just trying to avoid hurting my feelings by saying that. I kind of left it out, but when I did ask her if she'd be willing her initial response was, "I'm probably not going to be ready for a while. With anyone. I'm taking my break-up quite hard, actually. I'm sorry. . ." And then I said that I'm not talking about you being ready soon, just that if I'm single when you do become ready, be it a month or a year, would you be willing to give it another shot, and that was when she said, "yes, maybe when I'm ready we can try again."

      Today is the first day since that we work at the same time.. I'm about to go in... Definitely not ready for this.

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    • Well, thanks for talking this through with me. and I'm going to give you the MHO since you're the only opinion and the only one helping me out haha.

    • Not a problem, I just wish I could be or could have been more helpful ^_^
      I'm always glad to help, if and where I can.
      Aww Thank you (:

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