My ex is mad that im dating yet does not want me back does this make sense?

he doesn't not want me back but is pissed off that I am dating and happy? says " oh u don't have time to answer my messages but sure have time for your new bf" what kind of fuckery is this


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  • He's a dick. If he cared about you, he would want you to be happy. He's selfish and unhappy. Unhappy people want to spread the unhappiness.

    Move on in a hurry and be glad you got a good one.

    • yup and thank you for your opinion! I think that is indeed his issue..

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  • Time to completely move on from him. Sounds to me like you should avoid him in every way.

    • right? lol I said oh you are that upset huh? ok lets work it out and he back out YET still upset!! I don't get it

  • Yup. That's what "breaking the connection" is about. Just tell him to move on.


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