Dated a guy who stopped talking to me, but now I want fwb, how do I go about this?

I was dating this guy who was really cute... but I quickly realized he wasn't that interesting. He thought the same and stopped talking to me... but now I want him as a fwb. How do go about that?


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  • First ensure that you have no mutual acquaintances and no possibility of repercussions from a friends-with-benefits relationship with him, then: 1) Call him late, a bit before he might be going to bed. Tell him you "need" him right now. 2) Tell him you want to try him again. 3) Assuming you've already tried him out, compliment his sexual prowess and ask frankly for a rematch.

    If you communicate your desire for him without result, consider that this guy lacks something intangible and is therefore not worth your effort. However, with so many guys searching for sex, a good woman should never have to beg for it. Consider possible changes you might make in your life which will put you in contact with a greater array of suitable men.


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