Why haven't I heard from my ex?

I talked to my ex yesterday for the first time since he broke up with me. It's been a month since the breakup. We have a fun easy conversation via text and he asks to come see me but I told him he could tonight instead. He said that was fine and we continued to talk for another hour and then he stopped replying mid convo. I haven't heard from him all day and I'm not sure if he's coming over or not. What could this mean? Should I just leave him alone or should I ask him if he's still coming?


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  • Dealing with exes is always super dangerous. It almost always ends badly, yet everyone seems to have to go through the stages of giving it a try. In this particular case, you should ask him if he's still coming. No point in you sitting around if he isn't going to show, you need to make sure you are not dependent upon him for your life or your entertainment. You can't just sit around and hope. Asking someone to confirm plans if they ended with a bit of vagueness is perfectly acceptable, especially if time is a factor.

  • Dont stack texts and show desperation... Even if you don't hear anything wait to see if he says something, and if it sounds like a decent reason to why he's not responding.

    Don't wanna be saying "hello" "wtf?" "really" if his grandmother just died. At the same time if he says sorry babe I was busy, then you'll have a decision to make if this is the kind of person you want in your life. Either way try to play it off to get a decent reason from him.


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