Does it seem like my ex still loves me?

We had a huge bad breakup and only dated for 5 months but things were great. He told me he loved me first and I had already been in love with him long before that. He was good to me and then there were lies between the both of us and it split us apart

We met up a few weeks ago and ended up sleeping together and he said he loved me and wanted it to work. The next day he says he just wants to be friends. (Typical guy thing I guess)

And now he texts me at least once everyday seeing how I am and talking about how he's cutting girls off and even says he misses me sometimes.

He said he just wants to be friends but the way he's talking to me is telling me otherwise.



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What Guys Said 1

  • He does not love you. He may have felt some NRE stuff, the new relationship energy at the start of something new, but since 'real' love takes years to grow, it was NRE infatuation speaking and not 'love' love. It is clear that the NRE has broken for him, so now he is basically dragging you along as a potential source for sex while he plays the field and sees what else he can come up with.

    The way he is talking is intended to make you feel like there is a 'relationship bond' so you don't turn around and play the field as well, basically letting him have you as a devoted girl on the side. Win-win for him. Pretty much lose-lose for you.

    Don't let yourself fall into the trap. Cut it off before you get in too deep.


What Girls Said 1

  • Sounds like he's stringing you along until someone else comes and to prevent you from moving on. I'd cut all ties with the guy. He seems like a db.


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