My ex still wants me to help him with his buisness?

So my ex owns his own small buisness while we were dating I started helping with his paper work ( because he never did it) I did it for free refused money because I just wanted to help him out and now that we've broken up I'm not to keen to help him out as much but I find it hard to say no as I still have feelings for him which I've told him, he still asks for my help anyway even tho his started talking to other girls and doesn't thank me for the help and just assumes ill always be there to help. .. what should I do?


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  • You should not help him with his business, at all. He moved on from you, you need to do the same. Otherwise it will just get harder and harder for you to move on, and you will eventually get more and more upset if he starts dating other people.

    Helping him is just letting him take advantage of your emotional attachment. It is very detrimental for your long-term emotional health.


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  • He is using you, really.
    Not only using your skills and caring persona but also your emotions.
    That's messed up.
    He will not love you cause you're helping him.
    You're just a tool.
    If you stay and help him, not only will you make yourself look bad but you'll be disrespecting yourself.
    You deserve better!
    Let his new gf do it!
    You have better things to do with your life than stick around doing paper work for your useless ex while he has fun girls.
    He's not your problem anymore!
    Stop it all! Don't contact him! Put your foot down and say "no"! Tell him off if you it makes you feel better.
    It's time to start a new chapter in your life!


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  • One rule in life is if he is not grateful for what he has, he will loose everything even what he does not have.

    You have feeling for him but he does not and will not retun the same. You may be feeling in love now, just let his business be a success and with the hard work you put in he take his beautiful girl to Paris with the money you helped him to make.

  • How much are you charging?

    Don't work for free. He only gets that if he's giving you what you want (D, exclusivity, etc). Get paid, or get laid.

  • Demand payment. And benefits. And free donuts in the break room.


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