I need to know how to do this?

When an ex girlfriend tries to keep you hanging on by contacting you, saying nice things, and then pulling out, what do you do to counteract that behavior? My female friends say she's stringing me along to validate herself, and it's a power thing. How do I turn it around on her? Is there a way to do that?


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  • Well, if I were you, I would just ignore her and not give her the attention that she is after. She is just playing around with you. If she tries contacting you through a text or whatever, then don't reply. She'll get over it because she knows that you are done with her games.

    • This may seem stupid, but I want her to miss me. I'm sorry... I know

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  • Don't contact her. Never reply to her.

    • What will that do exactly?

    • Counteract her behaviour, dumbass, like you wanted.

    • That was uncalled for.

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  • Ignore her completely if you aren't interested. Or tell her how you feel about her and if she isn't all in, than you need to let eachother go.

    • That's the thing. I might be. We were together for a while and we were best friends. Now sending me a message, even if it was impulse saying she misses me tell me that she does, and that she is thinking if me. But telling me she still needs to think also means that she cares, but is alittle scared right now. If she wasn't thinking about it, she just would have said never mind. Right? What do you think she may possibly thinking. Sorry for the bad grammar. Lol

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