Why she breakup with me just because a tell her that "You Love Her Or You Just Can't Forget her?"Why after breakup, why we became stranger?

After being couples, my life are much happier than before.
Before breakup, we always quarrel to each other.
Honestly, I kept listen to her.
She call me to do this I do.
The Other things, I seldom make mistake.
After the 1st mistake, I promise it will never happen again.
I choose to forgiving her, she look at boys.
I always mention , I'm jealous. By using Normal expression.
She always look at boys often.
I never and I try not to look at girls.
I kept on forgive her, never mad on her.
Teach each other to pray. But Lastly, still Breakup...


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  • It doesn't sound like you are compatible.
    A healthy relationship is one of equal give and take. You can't be the one always making the sacrifices. Learn and move on.


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  • I could soooo be a grammar nazi lol.. but that is not the reason you are here. you want answers and here it is.
    You are young, so is she. some girls have the same problem you are having.
    why don't you just take this as a learning experience and let her go? you guys don't seem right for each other anyway. she's riding you, and refuse to assert yourself.


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  • "I kept on forgiving her, never mad at her." That's typical insecure, desperate behavior gift wrapped as being nice and loving. For this, she likely no longer respects you, which, in the end, influenced her to move on and never look back.


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