Should I call it off?

I am in a really tricky situation here, me and my girl of a year and a half have been on a break for around 3 months now. its a long distance relationship but we have spoke about me moving up there in the past.

now we have still been talking while on break on and off and we recently went on holiday together for a week and got on great, since then I've not been able to get her off my mind and have messaged her telling her i hated saying goodbye not knowing when ill see her again, and she messaged me back saying that she was the same and she still loves me and its the distance that is the only major issue now.

she said its a big step for us especially me cos im the one moving and she says we need to be ready 100% for it. now it only seems she messages me first when she wants something and it seems as if im being led on :( but i dont know her like that she has always been so honest with me and surely of she didn't want to be with me she would just tell me.

im so comitted to making this work with her but just seems she isn't as emotionally invested as me, i just can't carry on hurting like this its making me bad.

i just dont know what to do as if there is a chance with us il keep at it but if there isn't id rather pull back now and call it off myself.

just dont know what to so as feels like i can't carry on with my lif til i get an answer but she's just saying give it time, let thinga work themselves out etc.

any suggestions on what i should do?


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  • Have you voiced your concerns to her in reference to the frequency in which she initiates contact with you? Have you set a realistic date, time to move to her city to be with her? No? Then, I suggest you do so, promptly. Otherwise, as with many long distance relationships, there is strong chance you will drift apart.

    • yeh i have voiced my opinion to her and she just saod we were getting onngreat on holiday now im back im pushing all this on her, just give it time she said.

      i have been a bit needy/pushy towards her so feel now when i talk about it im going to annoy her.

      just not sure what to do at all :/

    • Do you trust her completely, as you've implied? If yes, I suggest you back off a bit. Give her space. And enjoy your own. Or, your neediness may turn her off and push her away, if it hasn't already, perhaps into the open arms of another guy.

      After giving her space for a bit, which includes not pressuring her, if she continues to be aloof, then you may need to reevaluate the relationship and readdressing the issues you have with her.

    • yes i do trust her completely and I've managed to annoy her again tonight, she said im really startin to push her now bringin it up at every oppurtune moment, she said when anything changes she will let me know, so yeh deffo time to back the hell off a bit for now otherwise she will be gone forever :/

      not even sure how much time to give her i really need to stop being such an idiot really.

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  • Never make anyone a priority who considers you an option.

  • You can't be madly in love with someone and ALSO be ready and willing to call it quits because of nerves. Either you're invested in her, or you're not.

    • i am madly in love with her but just feel as if she isn't as emotionally invested in me and i just feel as if this will go on forever.

      just dont know what to do, the fact im feelimg like this is because i love her more than anything but just dont know what to do

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