Dreaming of ex? What does it mean?

So i know this is not a place to post dreams but i am just curious.. So i broke up with my bf almost half a year ago. He was my first of everything an longest one (2years)... I was thinking of him less almost none and not even trying ti get back but this out of blue dream that i had yesterday nite confused me and made me feel like i haven't gone to the terms that it ended in reality.. What happens in my dream is that here:

I am going to a climbing club night (which i never climbed) and then i am in the lower part waiting for the guy to put some security stuff. Then i climb to the top and run into my ex on the other platform and tell him oh good to see u i have Christmas gifts for u and gave him a gift but he doesn't like it and he was suprised with the choice of gift.. Later he returned the gift to me through post..

Please tell me why i had this dream when i thought i completely forgot him.


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  • Sometimes we dream of our ex's not because we could miss them in a relationship way but maybe in our subconscious wondering how they are ect.. Don't worry sometimes I dream of my ex too very weird and something I've never done before ever. but I'm not a 100% I can not say with certainty why our subconscious does this.

    • What happens is that i was so sad when i got his gift return.. And then i woke up.. So the last part made me think that something is wrong with me honestly.. Why would u be sad in a dream but anyways thanks for your answer!

    • There is nothing wrong with you at all.. I don't blame you for feeling sad I think I'd feel the same
      I take it as you were just being friendly and thoughtful and thought he might like it.
      And you're welcome

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