I seem to hit it off/feel attracted to divorced men, is it me or is it them?

I don't know why. Some women are terrified of dating divorced men (I am in my 20s)

As long as it wasn't a psycho divorce with criminal charges and he seems sane and not bitter or crazy, it doesn't bother me.

For some reason I have been attracted to a few of them lately. My ex was divorced (he ended up being too damaged his divorce was too recent) but now I am talking to a new guy he is also divorced.. but his divorce was not recent and it was civil and not too messy-he seems quite stable in all regards.

It seems like the divorced men are less scared of commitment, feelings, talking about relationships. They understand a woman because they have lived with one. Also they seemed more romantic and cuddly. I can't explain, it's just something about them that is different than a bachelor.

Even though my ex was selfish he still seemed more romantic and knowing how to "get" a woman than some guys do.

I do like my men a little older but not too old. I guess I just like experience? IDK, divorce doesn't bother me as long as he is back on his feet financially and emotionally, he wasn't a cheater or abusive (because that repeats) and he is willing to make it work a second time.


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  • Had a long-time cyberaffair with a divorced woman and I realised (1) they know what they want (2) they are very gentle and treasure what they have (by way of a relationship) (3) they aren't fussy in bed, and usually know how to enjoy sex and long for it -- usually because they've stopped having it for some time.

    What more could one ask for!


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