My bf of 2 and a half years cheated on me. how should I get revenge?

i love him so much, but a cheaters gotta learn his lesson. i logged onto his Skype and saw that on Sunday he has been speaking to this girl and i couldn't see what she was saying but he was saying:
yeah babe
u have such a hot body on ur profile pic
I lost my credit card
i get it next week
i swear i won't screenshot
please Katie
just do it on Skype
I won't screen shot at all
i just tried
but i don't have mycredit card
sorry I can only do it on omegle or Skype
i tried
but i couldn't get on
god damn it
sorry babe
i wish i could fuck u in real life

once we were talking and he's like 'cheaters treat women like shit and its so stupid!"
so why the fuck did he cheat.
how can i get revenge please?
i talked to him at school and broke up with him. he started crying and said he'd never cheat on me. i brought up this Skype katie girl. he's like i knew you'll go on my Skype and i just wanted to make you jealous. i was like you're such an asshole!
why would you even think about doing that. thats so pathetic. then he's like I'm so sorry i never thought we'd break up coz of it. i was like well you should've thought twice. i then started to walk off and he grabbed me and cried on my shoulder.


Most Helpful Guy

  • You get revenge by breaking up with him, and then finding a better, nicer guy who is honest with you. Have a great, healthy relationship and live your days happy.

    And honestly since he's mentioning a credit card, it must be some cam girl p*rn, not a girl he knows.


Most Helpful Girl

  • He is a cheat sheet that probably will not stop at just Skype but go on even Offline as well. You cannot trust him as far as you can throw him, sweetie. If you stand for this then you will always be stooping to whatever poop he throws at you down the line.
    The best "Revenge" is Sweet renege and this is: Give Rover his walking papers, unleash him altogether and tell him to take his Credit card and shove it where the sun don't shine in the doggie house----Babe...
    He is never going to change his stripes, this zebra and along with these, he also has a yellow stripe down his spine for being a jellyfish jewel jumper With----Such a hot body.
    You cannot even Believe in him to know even with his Joe schmo from Idaho antics, if he is on every Tom, Dick and Harry dating site as well on the side.
    Dump him.. Best decision and your own "Revenge" to satisfy your decent more deserving mind And----Screenshot body.
    Good luck. xx


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What Guys Said 8

  • How to get revenge? dump him, then continue on with your life like he's air.
    Revenge just makes you seem petty.
    By ignoring him you make it clear he's just a little shit not worth your time, even when it comes to revenge!

  • just dump him. Frank Sinatra and Eddie Vedder both said things along the same lines, that living well and proving yourself to be a better person is the best revenge

    why waste your own personal time figuring out a way to hurt someone who isn't worth it. just dump him and move on... that's the best revenge you can get

  • Your bf sounds like he was talking to a paid cam girl. Id confront him on it but honestly since you felt the need to check his Skype you dont trust him. If you dont have trust you will never have a good relationship so just break it off.

  • lol @ "please Katie... I lost my credit card"

    sounds like an online stripper.

    Dump him.

  • have sex all his mates and his dad, then dump him

  • Dump that loser!!!

  • The best revenge is to live well and find happiness.

  • Many guys under 18 have a habit to have multiple sex relationship but only one gf/bf.
    Its would be better if you don't directly mention it but try to get the truth about what happened from his side. If he confesses then try to get the real reason behind it..
    If he looks decent enough and you think that he will never do it again then you can think what to do next as you love him so much.. But if he is not apologetic and you feel he can do it again, break up with him and say him the real reason so that he does not do it again and learn that the world is not made for him only.


What Girls Said 6

  • It actually sounds like he was trying to pay someone for webcam sex. He might be thinking it's not cheating, it's like watching p*rn. Some people are weird about those kind of boundaries. Anyway, I think the only way to get back at a guy is showing him how he fucked up his chances with a girl like you, and how he can never find someone like you again.
    By the way are you sure that no one else logged in to his Skype like you did? Like a brother or a roomie?

  • How can you get revenge?

    Dump him, move on and be happy. Thats the best revenge.

    Anything else will just be stooping to his level. You have the upper hand. Show him you don't need him and won't tolerate cheating.

  • I think she was flashing herself at him in skype!! :O

    The best revenge is when you drop him like a hot rock in the river without giving him any explanation and just tell him, he just doesn't do it for you anymore.

  • Why worry about revenge? Dump him and find somebody better. Moving on and being happy is the best "revenge"

  • i think it was one of those cam chicks.. anyway its still cheating... just dump his ass ASAP!!!

  • I suggest just breaking up with him. No use being with someone who doesn't respect you


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