Boyfriend says he loves me, but broke up with me, please help?

My boyfriend broke up with me. He's from Iran and I am American. He said he loves me and isn't interested in dating anyone right now because he still cares for me, but he can't be with me. He says I'm really bossy, but I'm really not needy. He has only been in the country here since May, so I don't think he is used to being around American women. I tell him it's the culture, that's why we have so many small arguments, but he's saying it's my personality. He's saying we are opposites.

When we were talking face to face yesterday (we were breaking up, we talked for about an hour). I didn't seem bothered at all, I had on my poker face and I tried to joke with him and keep the weirdness away. I asked him if he truly loves me and he says he does. He asked me if I really liked him, and I said yes, but he said I didn't because I didn't show it enough. When there was silence about twice, he STARED at me in my eyes for 10 seconds, and I made eye contact with him and that lasted for about 10 seconds. That happened several times, then when I had to go I asked him if he would walk me to a meeting and he said yes. He said he still wanted to be friends with me and get to know me, that he had a girlfriend for 7 years back home and I reminded him a lot of her. He said they always tried to work things out and nothing ever worked. I told him not to compare me. I told him since he is not dating anyone else for a while, neither will I. I also asked him was it okay if I took a job an hour away, he said I needed to think of myself first and not miss an opportunity because of him.

I could tell he was trying to be as humane as possible.

Why was he so nice to me? Why was he staring into my eyes? Please let me know your opinion.


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  • Dating a foreign man is always difficult because you weren't brought up the same way or taught the same morals. Men that come from the part of the world as he did likes for their women to be docile, agree with everything he says whether you truly do or not, they like to be dominant that is why he thinks your bossy because your not willing to take. the back seat, people are intimidated by things they aren't used to he's intimidated by your strong American self. What other reason would he have to break up with you and say he still loves you he just doesn't want a relationship? He's struggling to adjust his new life and things that he isn't used to. Give him some time, don't press him he will come around sometimes men just need time to think to make rational decisions.


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  • Move on. He's a waste of time anyways.


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