Would have been 7 months tomorrow... call her Yes/No?

48 year old guy, 46 year old gal

tomorrow would have been the 7 month anniversary with my girlfriend. We are broken up now since Sunday. My brain says no contact even if it was to be our anniversary, I had the whole awesome plan for Saturday at a very nice resteraunt.

But my heart says to reach out. She is a very Stubborn woman and I doubt she would reach out. plus she is moving today through Sunday and I want to see if she is okay...

what would you do?


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  • That's definitely not a very long relationship. I would leave her alone. There's no need to mention that it would have been your anniversary. She knows that, I'm sure, and she might not want to be reminded.

    I would hang out with friends or family and distract myself, then reflect on the relationship and move on. Take some time for yourself then get back out there. Don't worry about her. Prepare for the future.


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