Is it strange that My ex and I?

My ex boyfriend and I broke up a week ago and still text each other everyday like nothing happened. We broke up because we kept fighting for the past two weeks and I could not take it any more I was unhappy. While we were breaking up he did say sorry for everything and that he still wanted to be friends.

We were friends for 2 years and dated for 6 months. Our friends think its so strange and that we need time apart if we are ever going to move on from one another.

I dont know, I do love him but I see nothing wrong with us being friends. If I wanna date someone new I will but Im not looking for a relationship now.


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  • Honestly yeah, it's really hard to move on when you still contact him like nothing happened. You should cut off contact with him for a while and then try to be friends later when you both have moved on.


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  • as long as you can each comfortable move on from the other without the other getting mad or upset and talking is the *only* thing you do, then i don't see anything wrong with it.


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