I think my guy is cheating and I dont know how to break free from loving and caring for him. I have been with him faithfully for 7 years?

i dont know what to do? i need some advice


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  • what makes you think he is cheating?

    • he's always on his phone, I've seen text messages before, he's told me that he's been attracted to his best friend and that they've touched one another before which i think he's still doing stuff with her, he has a lock on his phone, he's really mean and disrespectful to me, he doesn't care if he hurts me verbally, he says certain things that makes me think that he's messing with someone else and we rarely go out together. some of these things have happen in the past and i have told myself that we would get past it but i still feel that things have not changed and he has just found a better way to hide it. i dont want to jump to conclusions but i have that gut feeling like i did before.

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    • i dont want to live this way. i do want to be happy its just hard for me to walk away from someone i've invested so much time in to and have given my all to. i know whats going on isn't right and that its not healthy but i always try to gain the strength to walk away from what i know is the truth

  • Sounds like you're a glutton for pain. You enjoy pain

    • i don't enjoy pain but you can't help who you fall in love with and have been with for 7 years with a 3 year old involved.

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    • ... and yes, I do think you enjoy pain... if you didn't, you'd be gone by now... instead of asking question after question about the same guy and how he's hurting you

    • I looked at your previous questions

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