She wants time but out of no where she jus said it from one day to another?

We gona make 3 years in December and she been living with me for 1 year and all of a sudden on a Wednesday we slept like any other day i go to work the next morning and she texts me like at 9 that she. wanted to pretty much break up and from their she. change her number and she acts like those 3 years were nothing. So i gave her 3 weeks and i got in contact with her i ask if i can see her
And she set theirs nothing to talk about but that she loves me and one day. we will get back together but rite now all she needs is time and in the long run it would be better for us.. someone help me please


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  • I figure that she has felt this way for awhile, just didn't know how to tell you, so she's doing it like this. I also feel like she didn't explain herself because then you may have tried to convince her to stay and she would have stayed, even though she really wants to leave.

    • So you think she jus wants this off forsure uhh it sucks how she. did. it i haven't texted her. since and she seems. find

    • Yeah, I'm sorry this is a sucky situation.

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