What would you want to know? Or would you rather for me not to say anything?

My best friend since freshman year of high school dated this guy in junior year. She fell in love hard and way too fast both did and she ended up getting hurt... She was his first everything and he was her first guy to take her v card. I could tell they were inlove even though they were young. He always told me I'm going to marry that girl someday. The break up hit her hard she was depressed and mute for a while. Then she bounced back by working hard and working out. It took 2 years to full recover. She still talks about him then and now. During the break up he lost it though. He let himself go. He looks decent now however. Anyways she's dating someone now and we're 21 or she's almost 22. They aren't serious yet but there getting somewhere. This is one of the few guys she didn't push away too. Her ex bumped into me at my work and he asked about her. He told me to text him later which I did. He said he kept thinking of my friend (let's call her Lexie). He said leaving Lexie was hard but it was for the best as he wanted to live his high school life before settling down and his grades were slipping but didn't want to tell her (when they broke up he didn't mention why but dated soon after). He even brang up the fact that he told me in highschool that he wanted to marry her or will marry her. And then he asked if I could tell Lexie that I saw him today and that he asked about her. He said he's ready to start fresh with her. I know a part of Lexie will always love him. But I don't know whether to tell her or not. I don't want her to mess up this new relationship but at the same time she still loves him and talks about him every once in a while. If you were Lexie would you want me to tell you or not?


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  • This is just an awful situation to be out in. Especially since it took her 2 years just to get over it. If she's genuinely happy don't tell her. I'm sure he will find a way to get in contact with her if he's serious.

    • I think it would be hard to get in contact with her because she changed her name and everything. That's another thing I'm iffy about if I tell him that and he searches her up and adds her then... Will she think he's stalking her or be flattered?

    • If she's happy in her life and has moved on don't day anything. if she's not and always kind of refers to him as the one who got away tell him her name

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