Should I let him get to me? He is trying to contact me again?

My boyfriend and I were together for 7 years. He seemed to care for me and love me a lot. He left for college overseas and things started falling apart since then. So, just two weeks back i found out that he had been cheating on me for quite a while now and that he and that girl had planned on going to the same college abroad and now they even study together. When i confronted him, he told me it was all his fault blah blah. He even said he didn't like that girl at all and he was finding a way to get rid of her and that he loved me and he was ashamed. I however, didn't buy any of that bullshit and cut him off completely. Today he texted me AGAIN saying "hi". I honestly dont know what to do because i still love him but i'm TOO angry and i have been struggling with this NC thing. A part of me wants to reply to him but i can't sell out my dignity like that.. I still value those 7 years and the memories we made and its really hard to let go. What should i do? :'(


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  • Sometimes it takes time to know you had a good thing. And when either one comes crawling back, I think pride needs to be swallowed, forgiveness needs to be there, and a sense of compassion should be understood. Certain situations strain. Try again and see where it takes you if you really did have a good thing.


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  • Reply back to him. See where it go's just be careful.


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