Why me ex texted me something like that? Please help!

I loved him more than my self, There is a long story, But I/m keeping it short, we broke up almost 2 years ago, he bought a car named it exactly the same name I gave to his bike. I don't know why. he still texts me to meet him, but I know he takes me as an option, after getting rejected from a female friend he texted me just to meet. I refused. But once in a month we exchanged hi how are you types messages, now yesterday he texted me on Facebook "I know you check me. :) " I didn't reply, Idon't know why he does that, He even talks like me, the way I give nicknames , the way I normally say, he talks exactly like me. Previously he never talked like this. I don't know, what's on his mind. Please help.


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  • He's trying to keep you on a leash, for potential hook ups later.

    You are right not to respond. Don't let yourself be just an option.

  • "I loved him more than my self," Stop right there and go love yourself first. Then, this jerk won't matter anymore.


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