Why is my ex still trying to hangout with my family?

My ex and I of 4 years broke up almost a year a ago. We dated other people since. I'm still dating other people and she still contacts me and asks how my family is and still wants to see them. Why? She's currently single but I'm not. I think it's just a way for her to stay around my life, or at least that's what I was told. Thoughts?


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  • Sometimes, when you've been with a guy a long time, you miss his family just as much as you miss him. It's people you've spent time getting to know and probably get along with.
    Either way, people should know their boundaries though, an ex means bye, you don't hang out with his family still.


What Guys Said 1

  • I was really close to my ex's mother and would go by (after breaking up) to talk to her and visit with her, or even go out for lunch (platonic). It used to piss her off royally and her mom and I were amused by it. Especially when she started trying to get me back 6 months later. Guess that is what she gets for getting caught cheating by her parents and them telling me. LOL!!


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