Need advice on dealing with texting back ex gf during nc now for 2 weeks been ignoring here?

will nc help me get her back? been together 4 years almost, lived together the whole time pretty much. im 28 she's 24.. we had a bad couple months at this shitty last place we stayed at and we were fighting a little and not being sweet to eachother like we should have.. she finally wanted to go her own way back to her parents.. i stayed at the plave for a month and on the last day when we were done moving out i pleaded her to stay and which i know now was wrong she didn't give, she did breakdown a little and tell me that im not giving her anytime to think about stuff and its aggravating her... I've back off very minimal contact when she would randomly say hi... i got my own place immediately... she's texted the other day said somethin to make me jealous and i played it so cool by saying that figure and she should be happy now, she totally flipped and wondered why and how come i didn't care... i didn't respond.. the next morning she asked why dont i care... i told her why cus she's acting different and to just let me know when the deposit comes.. this was like 10 days ago and it won't come till past halloween... she's been texting me about what were gonna do about it and I've been ignoring here and she is not liking that which might be good, i plan to text her back a few hours later today saying hi im on vacation now (which i am) been busy, just let me know when u get it and we can go from there" anyone think thats good to text her that when im doing no contact and its been 12 days or so?> I was wanting her to miss me and i want her to realize I've disappeared and im not gonna be there for her.. i dont care about the deposit money i do and ill get it but its simply not important to me... any advice would be well appreciated thanks
She's been texting saying I can talk to her and will I talk to her. I said how I was good and on vacation. Then she wants to talk I Told her how I felt that I want to be with her but if she doesn't I won't be around or her friend.
She then sent a pix of our cat. asked later if I was serious essentially. I didn't respond. then couple hrs later Tex asking me what I was doing.. Then I replied and she was watching the world series too.. had a few flirty texts.


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  • For starters call her. Don't text.. Texting leaves a lot of room for misunderstanding
    Stop playing games if you want her back. Be straight forward

  • I hate when allegedly grown people play stupid games.


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