So I was finally over him when he did this?

I was finally pissed enough at my x. He ignored me all day after flirting when I went to this instructor's room. He was on the opposite side and when I sat on a desk, he walked next to me and stood there. He even got a bit close.

What the fuck is his deal?
Wow. This kinda sucks.
I do need answers guys.


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  • wait so ur bf ignored u after u went into some instructor dude's room? and that guy was trying to come onto u?

    ... and u dont know y ur bf is upset? I don't know if I'm getting this right but he could just be the jealous type. in a way its kind of insulting because it indicates a lack of trust.

    it'd b good to just move on and have some freedom for yourself.

    • Okay, I don't have a bf. Its my ex.

      He basically left me (we sit at the same table, only us) to sit with his friends. So I got pissed and tried to ignore him. Later, I went to my instructor's room to ask her something. So I walk in and sit on a desk. My ex WAS on the other side of the room, standing there. When I sat on the desk, he walked over to me and stood there looking at me. I felt uncomfortable and moved a little but not a lot. Then he got closer.

      My instructor is a female and was NOT hitting on me.

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    • when he left u at the beginning.

    • Oh yeah.

      I dunno. He is so weird >.< Thanks for answering though :)

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  • Did he break up with you or did you break up with him? If you broke up with him then I can understand his behaviour. My X broke up with me, then started flirting with me a few days later, I'm thinking "what the fuck is her deal". I just avoided and ignored her completely from that point.

    Fact is the relationships over, you need to move on. Stop worrying about what he does, guys don't usually like to be friends with their X... what's the point.

  • You weren't really over your ex. You convinced yourself you were, otherwise this wouldn't bother you. He didn't do anything worth getting this response out of you.

    • Yeah I was but things surprise people.

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  • he wants to intimidate you because you have to look up to see him?

    • Uh? I don't think so?

      But okay.

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    • I appreciate you answering this though.

    • no problem.

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