Help, will he come back? Should I make a move!?

My ex and I broke up a month ago because we kept arguing about how I wanted to spend more alone time with him because lately his friend was around so much he was like my other boyfriend.. And when his friend wasn't around we were surrounded by his sisters. We dated for 8 months and the problem didn't start until after I graduated radiology school. After that we argued for 2 weeks strait until I broke it off. Before all this we were talking marriage. We were very much in love and I think we just needed space. We were living together pretty much. So my question is, do you think he will rethink things and come back?


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  • Putting pressure on a guy just bcoz he's not giving you alone time is foolish. Is it so difficult to manage on our own if we know the guy really loves us? Please don't harm the relationship for some silly reasons. And remember you initiated the break-up, so you need to go back to him. That's the fair thing to do.


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