Got into a huge fight, can you give me your POV?

Hi. First of all im not a native English speaker, excuse my grammar.

I have this boyfriend, 2 years of relationship.. Recently he moved away for a year to london (we can't visit each others for many reasons so we have to wait).

We agreed to everyday at least we will have an hour skyping and talking and we i got sad he will always be there..

Ok... The thing is today i was so sad, he got home from college and make dinner, he called his mom and was talking with his roommies... I ask him please call me via Skype im not feeling well, first he tells me he's no in his room, then he is in the bathroom... I wait, like a stupid... I ask again... Oh surprise he is outside his building talking with the group of students who won the same scholarship... And then he tells me he is going out to find restaurants/bars..

Im like seriosly? You didn't care nothing bout talking to me... I only ask you for ten minutes, then he called me.. Of course after i said how i felt...

I desided to take a break... With the relationship..

Was okay? What should i do? Do i talk with him? Please help.


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  • He's just meeting new people, in a new place, and is probably just settling in and happy to finally know people locally. You're at home bored. It happens, and people feel left out or that he isn't thinking about you. He did call you that day still.

    Maybe just see how he acts in future, I don't think it's a huge deal, but I understand why you'd kinda feel like that. If he starts getting distant, then you're probably right, if he just has one off days like today where he's busy, then just speak to him later in the evening.

    • Thank you... Do you think i should talk with him?

    • Yea just tell him you're missing him and finding it hard with him not around. Just try not to make him feel guilty about doing something good with himself though. I'm sure he'll be even kinds flattered knowing you miss him.

    • you're right

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  • First of all I'm sorry you are going through a rough time. It really sounds like he is experience a dose of "out of sight out of mind" in other words he isn't with you in person so his mind isn't on you. Though you also have to understand that you can't have a person at your beckon call, he is an independent individual as such many don't like to be called upon without warning to worry about others problems. Yes you might be feeling bad but you can't always rely on someone else to make you feel better, you have to find inner strength to pick yourself up. in my opinion it was a good move to take a break from the relationship it will give you both an opportunity to reexamine the state of it and maybe grow as individuals. I wish you the best.

  • When men say fight, we mean punching each other in the face til one of us loses consciousness or bleeds to death.

    When women say fight, they mean a verbal argument.

  • Help me understand something, is this the first time something like this has happened? If he ignores you on a regular basis then yes, you're justified in how you feel. But you should still have told him how you feel and discussed it rather than just being "done with the relationship." If this is the first time, and it made you want to break up, then you must really not care about him or the relationship at all... or are way too sensitive and immature.

    • It happeneed before... im going to calm down and just ignore this.. Thanks

  • Sadly many long distance relationships are bound to fail. I think by breaking up with the guy you only rushed the inevitable. Itll be tough but sooner or later you will move on and forget all about the guy. Hope that makes you feel just a little better, I know its not fantastic advice, but I think you did the right thing.

  • I think you're a needy little nut-head, who gets way more attention than needed. I'm surprised he endured you for so long.

    • Dude there's no need to be rude to her she is a human being regardless of her neediness or lack thereof, manners much?

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    • Thank you traxlem...

      And for this guy, thank for your pov... and sorry if you dont feel like having manners to me... A person who have manners, have them with everyone. Good night

    • If you think you're helping her by telling her it wasn't her fault then you're wrong. You're basically positively reinforcing her way of acting by telling her indirectly that it was his fault, and she will keep doing it with the next person she is dating. Also, does this girl seem borderline suicidal to you.

      If you honestly think that what you did is okay OP, then I feel genuinely sorry for you.

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