Did she forget about me, been together 3 years really loved eachother eachother been no contact for 2 1/2 months been broken up since June?

She cheated on me in the begining of the relationship and i broke up with her, then we got back together couple. Wks after, over those 3 years i had i problem trusting her and she would lie to me a lot about things and that made me accused her i couldnt leave her i really thought things would change, im not sure if she cheated but we was in a long distence relationship she hid some guys number in her phone when i found out i was angry didn't know what to think and she told me she did it because she was tired of the arguements and i was accussing her and he texted her that one time, i forgave her for that and couple wks after she broke up with me and lied to me about everything she ended up being with the guy 2 wks after our break up and lied to me, she said that she broke up with me bc of trust and the accussing but after all of the things she did too me i stood by her side and i never cheated or messed around with anyone, these past few months of nc i feel better but i think about her a lot im kinda over but i really want to reach out to her, seem seems happier now and told me couple months ago she wasn't happy in the relationship, can someone walk away from a long term relationship just like that , the guy she left me for went to jsil twice ever since they been together and he lives in her city


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  • ... these past few months of nc I feel better...
    This says it all and I will just add, so we can Both put this matter to bed for the weekend, Unknown2000... Let sleeping dogs lie where they are... She is like this zebra who will Never Ever change her stripes, Nor Can this little pup ever be trusted Nor be put on a tight leash and I promise You----She will continuously always be barking up the wrong tree, nonstop in the doghouse.
    You have moved on, you have gotten your own life together. Don't let a ghost from the past throw a monkey wrench in what you have going on because "She wasn't happy," for down this road, it will only lead down another beaten path of War of the Roses, a full circle of you just ending Up Unhappy once more. Leave her in the closet to rattle someone's chains...
    Good luck. xx


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  • i dont want to sound mean or sound disneyish but let it go
    i know its difficult but if you really love her
    be happy for her and dont reach out to her
    remove everything of her on your phone Facebook and that kind of stuff
    and just go out with friends and have fun

    • I deleted her number. And everything else months ago and i kinda did let go i just want an apology or something from her. i know the right thing to do is to not worry about that but i can't seem to get my mind off the whole situation i have given up and been no contact for 2 1/2 months

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    • Yes thats exactly what i feel i have no problem getting into another reltaionhip but its just this one girl, i put everything aside for her basketball friends and other girls that wanted to be with me, but now i just can't i will. didn't know soneone could be so cold hearted and dont care

    • try to do the same as what she is doing to you now and move on its hard but possible

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  • I believe you can't forget people you loved once.
    If your question is do you have a chance with her again or anything like that i would advise not to go there. This girls sounds like trouble, you can be with someone faithful and honest. Just be open to this new person :).

    • I don't want another chance her, but my question was can someone forget the person they loved for 5 years and and enter a new relationship 2-3 wks after the , will she regret it all

    • I think you can not forget unless you have amnesia..
      Will she regret being with that new person is a different question. He might be the one she was looking for. Many people finally find the right person after a break-up with someone they stayed with for a long time.

  • I feel you on the part of wanting apology, my ex has blocked my phone number. All I want is to be unblocked so I feel he has forgiven me. He did it after a fight not after we broke up. I understand how u feel.

    • did you break up with him or something and he blocked you?

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